Replika LT-25 M4 SPR Interceptor, set

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SPR Interceptor black set

9,6V 1600mAh nunchuck battery and automatic battery charger included – SPR Interceptor black set

LT-25 G2 M4 SPR Interceptor combo 1J

SPR body, Interceptor hand guard, Hight density Nylon fiber body, reenforced gearbox, 6,03mm precision inner barrel… best value on the market!


  • Lancer Tactcial Engraved Metal Gearbox Shells
  • Steel gears
  • delay
  • 8mm steel bushings
  • 14 tooth steel piston
  • Red anodized cylinder for improved surface finish
  • torque motor
  • QD spring guide with steel base
  • Spring M90
  • Quick spring change (QD)
  • Shielded low resistance wiring
  • Metal trigger
  • Reinforced trigger block

Internal parts:

  • Precision barrel 363×6.03mm in polished brass
  • Center wheel hop-up block (Gen 2)
  • 50° hop-up joint

External parts:

  • Body Nylon high density fiber type SPR
  • 14.5′ metal outer barrel
  • Nylon fiber Interceptor type barrel extension with built-in flash hider
  • Folding nylon fiber handlebar
  • Folding Nylon fiber sight
  • M-Lok nylon fiber handguard
  • Metal front strap attachment
  • Steel mono-point rear sling attachment
  • Nylon fiber crane stock
  • Nylon fiber butt tube
  • Nylon fiber motor handle (4 retaining screws)
  • Steel dummy cylinder head
  • Steel cocking lever with hi-speed handle
  • Steel magazine catch
  • Bolt catch (fictional) in metal
  • 300-round metal magazine (once the magazine is armed, it is able to fire all 300 balls without being re-knurled)
  • Semi and full auto
  • Rail covers included (x2)
  • Handguard grip included (x1)
  • 9.6V 1600mAh battery included
  • Automatic battery charger included (LED display, charging is automatically interrupted when the battery is full)

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