Specna Arms EDGE Precision BBs

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Specna Arms EDGE Precision BBs

Specna Arms® brand known for its quality and innovativeness of produced replicas introduces yet another novelty. Precision BBs from the professional EDGE™ series. In the wide array of EDGE™ BBs you will find highest-quality ammunition for ASG replicas manufactured by true experts. These BBs are produced by Taiwanese BLS.   

The diameter of Specna Arms EDGE Precision BBs is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005 mm) and the difference in weight among BBs does not exceed 0.01 g. As a result, Specna Arms® EDGE™ BBs are ideal for standard barrels, while they reach their full potential in precision barrels.

At the final stage of production, high-polish is carefully applied to every BB made by Specna Arms®. Afterwards, EDGE™ BBs are laced with a special friction-reducing layer in order to ensure a problem-free cooperation with precision barrels.  This also results in a better cooperation with Hop-Up buckings.

Thanks to a full control over the production process, the manufacturer achieves ideally-spherical BBs without visible cavities or seams. A well-distributed center of gravity combined with a lack of air space inside the BB allow for a very good repeatability of shots.


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