Sprednji grip s taktično svetilko

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  • Airsoft grip flashlight
  • White led
  • Red light
  • 200 lumens

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Sig Sauer STL-300J Stoplite

Sig Sauer STL-300J Stoplite is to be mounted on any Picatinny-equipped airsoft gun for enhanced field of view in darkly lit areas.

The flashlight is rated at 200 lumens and features 2 modes‚ permanent light & strobe mode. Switch the flashlight on by pressing the black side button.

The small dark button activates the permanent light mode and the small beige button activates the strobe mode. The green button on the back of the flashlight/grip acts as an additional on/off switch for added versatility.

Navigation and target acquisition are easy with the navigation red light‚ simply press the red button on the side of the flashlight to engage.

The grip itself is made with durable ABS plastic material that can withstand rugged battlefield terrain.


  • Airsoft grip flashlight
  • White led
  • Red light
  • 200 lumens
  • Strobe setting
  • Nylon fiber polymer construction
  • Replaceable lens
  • Fits on all Picatinny tactical rails
  • Cable switch in option
  • Batteries included


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