Keramična mast Pro Tech 5 gr

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For lubrication of all moving parts of weapons.
Prevents galling, sintering, corrosion and wear.

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ProTech ceramic grease 5mg is heat-resistant ceramic grease from ProTech in the 5g tube.

This grease is particularly suitable in the airsoft area for greasing the gears in tuned models with a high ROF or fast reduction. It sticks to the teeth even at high speed and is therefore not distributed in the gearbox. Also suitable in combination with EFC systems with optical sensors.
A thin layer is sufficient here!

Greasing the Gears:
1: Clean the gears with brake cleaner or ProTech Weapon Cleaner to remove oil and grease
2: Wait a moment until the gears are completely dry 3: Apply a thin layer of Ceramic Grease with a brush

Other areas of application for ProTech ceramic grease 5mg are:
– Trigger parts from GBB models
– Ball bearing without seal

Brand: ProTech

It can be used with variety of spare and upgrade parts.


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