ASG SA M7 SportLine

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ASG SA M7 SportLine is a full size AK replica, looking just like the worlds most mass-produced rifle.

It was used by the people to overthrow dictators worldwide. Featuring realistic details, such as metal outer barrel, metal upper receiver cover, diecast metal sights, and stock attachment, mounted on a high strength polymer receiver featuring a very life-like synthetic wooden stock and grip.

ASG SA M7 SportLine is furthermore equipped with a proven high quality ver.3 metal gearbox, built with reinforced bushings, gears, cylinder, and upgraded with an smd MOSFET to assure long term reliable performance.


  • Length: 870 mm
  • Barrel Length: 445 mm
  • Mag. Capacity: 600 Rounds
  • Hop up type: Adjustable
  • Velocity: 95 ms/312 fps
  • Weight: 2800 g
  • Energy: 0,9 joule

Brand: ASG / Arsenal

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